Other Environmental Organizations on Bainbridge Island

Sustainable Bainbridge was formed to support cooperation and collaboration among a broad-based network of local organizations, businesses, government and individuals to protect and strengthen our community's social, environmental, and economic sustainability for current and future generations.  Sustainable Bainbridge supports initiatives in a variety of areas as well as participating in an alliance of organizations working to create a resilient and sustainable community on our island. Our success depends on the active participation of caring people like you. Please contact Sustainable Bainbridge at: with your ideas and suggestions.

Islanders for Responsible Development (IFRD), Islanders for Responsible Development is a grassroots organization committed to promoting sustainable development consistent with community values. IFRD is grounded in the belief that responsible development is grounded in respect for the environment and for the right of future generation to inherit a planet has not been compromised by short sighted planning.