2015 Environmental Conference

Each year ABC organizes an environmental conference to educate citizens on specific issues affecting Bainbridge Island’s environment. ABC typically partners with other organizations so as to reach a broader audience, and often combines a tour with the conferences. Tpoics overed for conferences 1 through 13 are listed below. The 14th conference will be on xxx to be held xxxx. If you are interested in assisting in this years 2015 conference or have suggestions for a subject of future conferences plaeas contact ABC at xxxxx.

Previous Environmental Conferences

  • (2001) State of the Environment on Bainbridge Island
  • (2002) Environmental Protection on Bainbridge Island
  • (2003) Planting for a Healthy Environment
  • (2004) Water and Watersheds
  • (2005) The State of the Environment on Bainbridge Island
  • (2006) Wildlife and their Island Habitat
  • (2007) Aquatic Life and Habitat on Bainbridge Island
  • (2008) Positive Energy
  • (2009) The Truth about Dirt
  • (2010) Protecting Bainbrdige Island’s Shoreline Environment
  • (2011) Protecting Bainbridge Island’s Shoreline Environment II
  • (2012) Downstream – Surprising Connections between our life and the Marine Life of Puget Sound
  • (2014)The Future of Trees on Bainbrdige Island