About ABC

The Association of Bainbridge Communities (ABC) is a non-profit environmental/land-use organization that since 1978 has worked to protect the natural systems, health, and unique beauty of Bainbridge Island.  ABC is a network of both individual members, task forces, and neighborhood groups to work on issues of concern. We have worked hard for sensitive land-use planning and for protection of the Island’s groundwater, wetlands, shorelines, farmlands, wildlife, and open space. We cherish the Island’s small-town/rural ambiance and believe in supporting small, Locally-owned businesses. We are concerned with all phases of Island living and maintaining the diversity which makes the Island a special place to live. We support affordable, environmentally-friendly housing. It was ABC that fought hard for an in-depth water study, no new bridges for Bainbridge, and saving DNR land to become the Grand Forest. ABC has requested manual cutting on Island roadsides instead of chemical spraying, and assisted the City, Schools and Parks of Bainbridge Island to adopt Integrated Pest Management (IPM) policies to limit its use. We stopped the giant RCA Microwave Earth Satellite Station on Bucklin HiII Road, worked to get the Wyckoff wood treatment plant at Eagle Harbor on federal Superfund for cleanup to become Pritchard Park. ABC was instrumental in the cleanup of 200,000 gallons of creosote and the reclamation of buried garbage at the Vincent Road landfill. We were the first to alert Islanders to Port Blakely’s 800-home development proposed for the south end of the Island which was eventually denied due to opposition from a neighborhood group working with ABC; parts of this land became Islandwood and Port Blakely Park.

ABC-ers actively attend city council and committee meetings, encourage candidates to support environmental issues, and spend long hours addressing problems of consequence for our beautiful Bainbridge. ABC was represented on the citizen committees which developed the 2013 Shorelines Management Plan (SMP) and is now on the EPA citizens advisory committee to clean up the Wyckoff site.  ABC examines land-use documents and applications of relevance to the Island and notifies neighbors who may be affected. We also offer our assistance to those who wish to organize into a neighborhood group. In the past we educated the community through our newsletter Scotch Broom and now alert and educate citizens through our website, a list server, and emails to those neighbors residing near proposed developments that need immediate action. Our philosophy has always been two-fold: to educate and activate by speaking out for the Island’s environment. We will not allow this island in Puget Sound to be another Bellevue. We will not allow it to be an over-built, clear-cut, homogenized, over-taxed metropolis with freeways crisscrossing the Iand. We are an island with limited resources and strong vision.

We mean to be handled with care.